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Fuji Mini Egg Incubator (96 eggs)

Incubator Brief description for 96 eggs

  1. Automatic egg-turning (every 2 hours)
  2. Automatic ventilation control (every 2 hours)
  3. Automatic temperature humidity control
  4. Automatic displaying temperature humidity And turning frequency on incubator controller
  5. Automatic alarm when temperature humidity abnormal
  6. (110V-240V)/12V, 50-60Hz chicken egg incubator
  7. CE Professional automatic chicken egg incubator
  8. Automatic chicken egg incubator warranty is 3 years
  9. More than 98% hatching rate
  10. Combination of setter and hatch
  11. Chicken egg incubator has one set spare parts as gift
  12. Automatic chicken egg incubator Capacity:
    Chicken eggs: 96
    Duck eggs: 48
    Bird eggs: 264
    Goose eggs: 48


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